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PAC (Phonologie de l’Anglais Contemporain - Phonology of Contempary English) is a research programme developed across several French universities with international networks and partnerships as follows (click on the image below) :
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The PAC programme has phonetic and phonological roots as its original purpose was to build phonological corpora for the study of the native and non-native varieties of English spoken worldwide.

It brings together students, teachers, and researchers with many different fields of expertise in linguistics, which is why the PAC programme has developed into 5 thematic research groups with dedicated research interests : PAC-LVTI, IPCE-IPAC, PAC-ToE, PAC-Prosody & PAC-Syntax.

In a nutshell, the PAC corpus includes surveys both in native Englishes (inner circle, outer circle) and non-native Englishes (expanding circle).

The corpus of native varieties comprises 42 surveys across 9 countries (England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, India, Singapore) and 514 speakers, or roughly 300 hours of recording.

The corpus of non-native varieties comprises 11 surveys across 5 countries (France, Italy, Spain, Tunisia, Morocco, China) and 110 speakers, or roughly 100 hours.


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