PAC 2023 - Spoken English varieties : interfaces and multidimensional approaches

, by Hugo Chatellier

The 16th edition of the PAC international conference entitled "Spoken English varieties: interfaces and multidimensional approaches" will be held at University Paris Nanterre, April 12-14 2023. It will focus on interfaces between phonology and phonetics as well as other levels of linguistic structure in contemporary spoken English varieties on the basis of corpus data. Multidimensional approaches to oral corpora are understood as approaches combining different levels of linguistic analysis and/or tools and methods borrowed from other disciplines (such as sociology, geography, anthropology, computer science, stylistics, psychology, neuro and cognitive sciences, media studies, cultural studies).
The conference will be organized around three days of plenary and thematic sessions focusing on the issues detailed in the conference program.
We hope to see you in Nanterre!

From 12 to 14 April 2023
Paris Nanterre University